Mill Bay

When it comes to emergency towing services, few can match the unbeatable speed and total service support offered by Victoria towing in Mill Bay.

Our unmatched vehicle recovery expertise gives you advantages like a journey towards your destination unhindered by problems like an empty fuel tank or flat tires.

If your car is stuck in Mill Bay, we are the crew to call.

We do the below as a part of our roadside assistance:

  1. 1– Emergency roadside assistance and towing
  2. 2– Flat tire replacement
  3. 3– 24×7 fuel delivery
  4. 4– Commercial light to heavy-duty wrecker towing/recovery
  5. 5– Dead battery jumpstart
  6. 6– Luxury cars and motor bike transport

We offer end to end services. So you need not have another crew to do the loading and unloading of the vehicles into the flatbed. We have the manpower to do so. As a result, we at Victoria Towing emerge as the only service provider you need for any type of emergency towing assistance in Mill Bay.

What you get when you call our tow truck company

There are quite a few towing services out there. Why should you choose us over any one of them? Then what makes us different from them? Here are the reasons why!

  1. 1- Over 10 Years of experience With an experience of over ten years, we have honed our skills to fit your requirements.

    Nothing but the best is dispatched to help you with your vehicular emergency. Our professionals are trained to tackle all your emergency needs.

  2. 2- 24X7 Service  Our services are available round the clock. This means, even if you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere in Mill Bay, our 24 hours fuel delivery service will be with you in an instant.
    All the answers lead you to Victoria Towing. We will be right by your side within an hour of the call.
  3. 3- Tire Change Service  Flat tire repair is cumbersome. Plus you may not feel confident changing the tires by yourself.
    Instead of getting all hot and bothered, why not avail to our flat tire replacement service and get those wheels fixed in no time? We will ensure that your trip goes as planned.
  4. 4- Towing Service Towing service does not only cover car towing service. There are different towing needs at different situations. Not all towing company covers them all. But at Victoria Towing, you can avail of every towing service with just one call.
  5. 5- Emergency towing assistance  Do you need wrecker towing for hauling heavy-duty loads? Or, maybe you need someone to provide commercial towing service. We will provide the necessary assistance with our wrecker towing service.
    What if you are driving a heavier vehicle? Or need to transport some heavy machinery? We are the answer to those problems. Our heavy towing service is more than equipped to haul heavy vehicles and machinery for you.

Call us

All your vehicle emergency needs can be met by us meticulously. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call at Victoria Towing!


We are part of one of the longest-running recovery towing companies in the Victoria area. We have 32 years of expertise and our
emergency towing services have a proven record of success in keeping the community’s roads safe. With a proven commitment to
Victoria drivers, clients have come to count on our service with a smile, knowing that we are determined to help you in any way we can.

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