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Are you facing trouble with roadside assistance? Then Victoria Towing is the name to call. We offer fast and professional emergency towing support in Oak Bay.

We will come to your rescue and give complete assistance in normal and emergencies.

Now that’s what we call – roadside emergency assistance made smart with Victoria Towing!

Our towing experts have the tools, knowledge, resources, and experience to do a stellar job in vehicle recovery. No vehicle is too big or small for us.

Call us in Oak Bay. We will dispatch an expert team of towing/recovery operators. They can solve a range of problems like flat tire replacement and transport of sportscars to their destination.

Check out our services below – 

  1. 1– Wrecker towing for commercial vehicles  Specialized equipment and heavy vehicles need dedicated wrecker towing expertise. At Victoria Towing, we have the vehicles to haul away your commercial vehicle stranded in the middle of the road.
    That is why we are the first name to select for commercial vehicle towing.
  2. 2– Luxury cars and motorbikes hauling Our flat towing service offers assistance in hauling away sportscars, luxury cars, and motorbikes.
    You can rely on end-to-end support in vehicle recovery, including loading and unloading of the vehicle on the flatbed.  
  3. 3– Emergency tow service Your vehicle can break down at any place on Oak Bay. But don’t worry.
    We know the routes of the Oak Bay district well. Our flat towing will reach you quickly and deliver unmatched value in emergency towing when you need it the most.  
  4. 4– Flat tire replacement Be it flat tire repair or replacement, our crew can handle these emergency requests in quick time. 
    We are as worried about your vehicle being left in a no man’s land as you are. Hence, we make haste in reaching you and resolving your flat tire problem.
  5. 5– 24-hour fuel delivery Never run out of fuel again. Victoria Towing’s men will reach your location with emergency fuel so that your journey can pick pace again. 

Why Oak Bay trusts us for emergency roadside assistance? 

Why must you always call us?

Victoria Towing has been in the business for many years now. We know the ins and outs of how to operate and manage a car towing service successfully. 

We also employ highly trained, qualified, and experienced professionals who know their work and help you tow the vehicle easily and safely.

We are one of the very rare businesses that operate 24/7 in Oak Bay and other surrounding areas.

So if you or your family or friends are stuck because of vehicle breakdowns or dead battery, then we are just a phone call away.

We will make certain that all emergency auto assistance services are carried out in a professional manner. Very few professionals can match our enthusiasm when it comes to high-quality services guaranteed to offer peace of mind.

Remove the uncertainty in road journeys with us

Vehicle journeys are unpredictable, and we know it. Therefore, we offer roadside assistance for vehicle breakdowns. Contact the professionals from Victoria Towing, and we’ll be there in no time.


We are part of one of the longest-running recovery towing companies in the Victoria area. We have 32 years of expertise and our
emergency towing services have a proven record of success in keeping the community’s roads safe. With a proven commitment to
Victoria drivers, clients have come to count on our service with a smile, knowing that we are determined to help you in any way we can.

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