Your road journey might face many barriers. Be it a dead battery, empty fuel tank, or flat tires, the problems are many, but there is only one solution – Victoria Towing.

Get hold of the reliable professionals in Esquimalt with our team. If you come across any unforeseen circumstances on the road, we are the team to call.

We are accessible 24/7, and we will come to your rescue ASAP. If you’re near our location, we promise to reach your palace within the hour after the first call.

Call our car towing company for these services

We live by a simple motto. Assist everyone who needs help in case of any roadside emergency. We assure you that you will be back on your road voyage within minutes of reaching the spot.

Vehicle recovery doesn’t get as simple and effective as this. 

Take a look at some of the services offered by us at Victoria Towing. 

  1. 1 – Car towing serviceWe can help tow your car with flatbed towing, irrespective of its make, model, weight, and size.
     Even if you have heavy vehicles, we can provide 100% assistance with heavy towing and wrecker towing.
    This makes us the first choice of towing company to call for any vehicle emergency on the road, anywhere in Esquimalt. 
  2. 2 – 24-hour fuel delivery Get emergency fuel refilled in your tank. We will rush to the spot where your vehicle stopped so that your journey doesn’t get delayed unnecessarily.
  3. 3 – Wrecker serviceCommercial vehicles and heavy equipment cannot be hauled away by random towing vehicles. You need specialist heavy-duty wreckers that can bear the load without any issue.
    This is why our commercial towing company will be ideal for these distinct needs. 
  4. 4 – Flat tire replacement Delaying your plans because of a flat tire can be annoying, and we get it. Therefore, all you have to do when you have a flat is call us.
    Our professionals will get on with the flat tire repair the moment they reach your location.
    If the flat cannot be repaired, do not get demotivated. We also promise flat towing as a part of our vehicle recovery services. 

Why choose us over other towing services?

We have the best professionals working with us here in Esquimalt. They are trained, qualified and offer comprehensive auto emergency assistance to help you in any scenario. 

We have extensive knowledge about the roads, and we have the necessary tools and equipment needed.

  1. 1- We provide 24/7 assistance No matter the time, the moment you’re in trouble, you can call us, and we will come to your rescue.
  2. 2- We provide excellent services See the professional way of vehicle recovery and prevent issues due to the breakdown of the car in desolate spots.
  3. 3- We cover a lot of services and many miles Even if you’re far away from Esquimalt, you can give us a call. Our professionals will come for you to offer emergency towing service.
    Once you call our professionals from Victoria Towing, you need not worry about anything else in emergency roadside assistance.


We are part of one of the longest-running recovery towing companies in the Victoria area. We have 32 years of expertise and our
emergency towing services have a proven record of success in keeping the community’s roads safe. With a proven commitment to
Victoria drivers, clients have come to count on our service with a smile, knowing that we are determined to help you in any way we can.

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