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Are you searching for an answer to the query “Where can I find emergency towing service in View Royal?” Then Victoria Towing will be the answer you are searching for. A mix of experience, versatility, and availability define our emergency towing expertise. And this is why you can rely on our tow trucks to reach you in any far away or distant location in and around View Royal.

An array of emergency roadside assistance services

Here is a glimpse of some of the emergency roadside assistance services we offer:

  1. 1– Emergency towing No matter where you are stranded in View Royal, our towing company dispatches roadside operators to reach you in the shortest possible time. We know the routes very well and will reach you even though others can’t
  2. 2– Commercial towing We have heavy-duty trailers and wrecker towing services to haul heavy equipment and commercial vehicles. No job is too big for us when it comes to heavy towing services.
  3. 3– Motorcycle hauling  Off the beaten tracks are good for motorcycles. But if they break down in such places, then it’s time to call our flat towing crew. Even for new bikes, we present flatbed trailers as per the size, height, dimensions and weight of the motorbike. 
  4. 4– 24 hour fuel delivery We deliver up to 10 litres of fuel to your chosen location so that you can overcome the problem of an empty fuel tank. Get set and go to your preferred destination in a quick time
  5. 5– Dead battery jumpstart Your battery may give up on your due to a lack of electrical charge. If it happens in the middle of the road, it can be a huge problem. It compromises your safety and the integrity of the vehicle. But don’t worry, our team is standing by to reach you in the quickest time to provide a jumpstart to the dead battery. This way, when the battery springs to life, you can continue with your journey ahead.
  6. 6– Flat tire change Does a flat tire threaten a smooth journey? Then call us. We will send a dependable roadside expert. He will check the tire to see if it needs air to be filled up or whether you need to go for a flat tire replacement or repair.

Many reasons to choose our crew in View Royal

-Our team offers end-to-end emergency roadside tow/recovery services.
-opt for our service as we are dependable and professional
-There are no hidden charges or surprises. We know what we are doing, as the professionals asses the on-scene dilemma and communicate the recovery or towing options available to you.
-We offer all kinds of towing services for all types of vehicles and motorcycles. We even transport luxury vehicles, sports cars, and exotic cars.

Do call our tow truck company at Victoria Towing for complete services in vehicle recovery and emergency roadside assistance.


We are part of one of the longest-running recovery towing companies in the Victoria area. We have 32 years of expertise and our
emergency towing services have a proven record of success in keeping the community’s roads safe. With a proven commitment to
Victoria drivers, clients have come to count on our service with a smile, knowing that we are determined to help you in any way we can.

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